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Our Story

Jim and Jen began their journey into the lifestyle in November 2012 but The Hidden Swing opened up May 2013.  For them, the lifestyle was always an extension of the freestyle partying ways.  Jim first entered into the lifestyle in the mid 90s when he was in his 20’s and brought up the idea of attending a local club to Jennifer when they were in their early 40’s.  After listening to a few episodes of Michael and Holli, they were ready to share their story with others.

The Hidden Swing has always been about “keeping it real” and journeys are not always fun and sexy.  Jim and Jennifer have always been willing to share both sides of the journey and always will be willing to do so.  In 2016, the struggle to balance life became more difficult and the creative differences between Jim and Jennifer grew.  So Danielle, a dear friend, stepped in to help them balance the need to keep the show funny and entertaining, but also add an element of seriousness.  It also allowed The Hidden Swing to increase their shows to once per week.

In late 2016, The Hidden Swing became a casualty of a lack of time due to our educational interests, a political climate that made sharing sexy time with friends difficult, and some medical issue that made their own sex life few and far between.  Jim and Jennifer spend the last year and a half doing for their own relationship what they would have advised any listeners to do.  Take a step away from the lifestyle until they could get a handle on their own marriage.  Thanks to counseling, medications, and a lot of hard talks; life has never been better.

Its now 2018 and Jim and Jennifer intend to get back to their once a month episodes, return to their more comedic freestyle side and share their story with all their listeners.. that they call friends.

Next Steps

You can help by sharing with them what interests you, what questions you have, and let them know what you would like them to discuss on their next show.  Please use the form below.